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Why use an Academic Counselor?

A student’s college journey can be overwhelming and stressful. A personal academic counselor can help students and parents navigate the college admission process and relieve some of that stress and anxiety a student and parent may be carrying. Let us Help!

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College Admissions

During the fall semester of senior year, students start feeling the pressure of all the approaching deadlines.  It is a challenge to keep up the pace of schoolwork, sports, extracurriculars and all the fun senior events sponsored by their high school.  The Academic Platform can help you stay organized and prioritize deadlines.  We can help you navigate Apply Texas, Common App, and the many financial opportunities.


Scholarships are a great way to make college more affordable (and even give you some spending money!). We’re here to help make it easier for you by giving information about scholarships in different categories, including government grants and options, private awards, and what’s available from your school.


We can guide you in filling out and submitting your FAFSA or TAFSA.  We can also walk you through the many scholarship opportunities and help select the best financial plan for you. We can also assist in narrowing and discussing the different financial aspects of choosing a college and applying for financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

Resume Building

Your resume will highlight your best achievements and experiences during your high school career. A well written resume is a great representation of your character. We can help you generate and polish your resume to highlight you.

Graduation Plans

The last few weeks leading up to graduation are a whirlwind of emails, deadlines and moves. We know that preparing your plans can be a pain, so we will curate a step by step process to make sure you graduate on time and with everything you need!

Pre-AP & AP Classes

This can be a challenge for many students and we’re here to help! With one call to us, we can help you determine which courses are most beneficial for your future success with each major. We also work with you to plan how you can save yourself some time and money by not having to take those classes in college!

Summer Program Plans

There are many summer enrichment opportunities available for high school students.  These programs may offer students the opportunity to explore different career interests.  In addition, summer enrichment programs also allow students to get a better feel of what college is going to be like. They may also offer a smoother transition from high school to college for both students and parents. 


Submitting documents on time for deadlines is stressful. We help you plan appropriate time frames and make it 100% stress free. We help you with the long term solution for your deadline woes and help you navigate through any confusing deadline specifications.

Dual Courses

Dual courses enhance your skills and increase the chances of success when you apply for colleges. Apply early to save money, while in-depth course planning helps students discover their true career goals

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Come check out some of our success stories! We’ve had students go to universities all over the country and accomplish their dreams. Let us make yours a reality too!

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